June 2021 Board Member Report

1st June– 30th June

General / assigned roles update

  • Transport portfolio:
    • Last month I received an update on Waka Kotahi’s plans for Queenstown Road. Initially they were planning on a raised pedestrian crossing but have downgraded this to a raised, unmarked crossing.
    • Received an update on the Mt Roskill Safer Communities Project Stage 2. This includes a signalised intersection at Mt Albert Road and Frost Road and potentially making Dormwell and Hayr entry only from Mt Albert Road with a signalised crossing.
    • I was excited to see the wayfinding signage installed along the Southwestern Cycleway. This was achieved through Waka Kotahi’s “Fix it Fast Fund” which I raised with Auckland Transport in November. These signs allow for pedestrians, cyclists and mobility users to identify where this ‘spine’ of our Greenway network leads to.
    • We received an update on the Arundel Street/Stamford Park/Rogan roundabout, with a design circulated and proposed to be delivered in the 21/22 Financial year.
    • Auckland Transport had two community consultations under way this month, with the most exciting the Denbigh Avenue/Winstone Road pedestrian crossing upgrade, a long awaited project and the first step in improving safety in the area. There was also a small targeted consultation on some bus works on Hayr Road.
    • Attended the follow-up “Single Stage Business Case” for cycling hosted by Auckland Transport. This looked at what small changes can be made to make cycling safer, as well as more investigation of the routes heading into town.
    • We received an update on John Davis Road. There are some extremely high speeds being reached on the road and the initial work to be done will involve ‘slow’ markings on the road. I have requested further investigation in the next financial year.
    • Chair Fairey and I shared attendance at a 3 day engagement workshop with Auckland Transport looking at how they engage with Local Boards on ‘minor’ projects. The ideal outcome from the workshop is that Auckland Transport will be working with Local Boards early on in the process of developing projects in their respective areas, rather than going out to consultation with the public at the same time they approach the Local Board.
    • Members Doig and Shen attended a Skype briefing with me on the Public Transport Operating Model review.
    • I presented the Local Board’s feedback on the RLTP to the planning committee. The final version of the RLTP includes an extra 20 million for footpath renewals, a result of Local Board advocacy.
  • Manukau Harbour Forum:
    • I met with Panuku’s Onehunga Wharf team to have a high-level conversation around plans for the wharf in the near future. It was interesting to learn about all the different interests involved in the wharf, and how projects that may happen in the future affect the plans for the wharf – with the East-West Link playing a large role in discussions. Although there were no formal plans to show, the priority for Panuku is opening up public access to the wharf in the near future, as well as working on developing the coastal walkway with mana whenua. We all agreed that having access to the water from the wharf would be a great asset for the harbour in future.
  • The ‘State of the harbour’ report for the Manukau Harbour is due to be released on July 1st and provides a clear picture of the environmental state of the harbour, allowing us to advocate for more investment in fixing the issues identified. The report identifies that the harbour’s health has been degraded by decades of human activity, something we know very well anecdotally. It is good to have the data that clearly states that coastal water quality is poor compared to other harbours, which means we can push for proportionate funding for projects around the harbour. Before the report’s release, I attended the Environment and Climate Change Committee Workshop focused on the harbour and the resolutions passed in November 2020. Councillors had a lot of interest in how we can have a more equitable spend in the harbour, noting its place as the most degraded Harbour in Tāmaki Makaurau. Available to read at https://knowledgeauckland.org.nz/media/2120/synthesis-state-of-the-environment-monitoring-manukau-harbour-final_web.pdf

Meetings / events attended

  • 2nd June – Cycling Single Stage Business Case at Auckland Transport.
  • 2nd June – Meeting with Chair Fairey and Local Board Advisors.
  • 2nd June – Meeting with Local Area Manager and Chair Fairey.
  • 3rd June – Puketāpapa Local Board workshop. During this session I presented the Local Board’s feedback on the RLTP to the planning committee.
  • 3rd June – Community Forum at Wesley Community Centre featuring volunteer groups.
  • 9th June – Onehunga Wharf Update with Panuku representatives.
  • 9th June – Meeting with Chair Fairey and Local Board Advisors.
  • 10th June – Puketāpapa Local Board workshop. Board members also attended the Puketāpapa Community Network meeting. Members Doig and Shen also joined the PTOM call after the workshop.
  • 11th June – Light Rail meeting with members from Waitemata, Albert-Eden, Mangere-Otahuhu, Maungakiekie-Tamaki and representatives of the Light Rail Establishment Unit Board.
  • 14th June- Community Breakfast hosted by the Puketāpapa Youth Foundation.
  • 14th June – Local Board Chairs Forum (via SKYPE.)
  • 16th June – Meeting with Chair Fairey and Local Board Staff.
  • 16th June –  Meeting with Local Area Manager, Chair Fairey and Local Board Advisors.
  • 17th June – Puketāpapa Local Board business meeting.
  • 17th June – Puketāpapa Local Board workshop.
  • 18th June – Keith Hay Park playground celebration.
  • 21st June – Puketāpapa Local Board Citizenship ceremony.
  • 23rd June – AT Local Board engagement with Chair Fairey.
  • 24th June – Puketāpapa Local Board workshop.
  • 24th June – Integrated Area Plan working group with mana whenua representatives.
  • 25th June – AT Local Board engagement sprint development with Chair Fairey.
  • 26th June – Puketāpapa Manu Aute Kite Day with all members of the Board.
  • 26th June – Bike Maintenance workshop at Wesley Community Centre.
  • 28th June – SKYPE meeting with Local Area Manager and Chair Fairey.
  • 29th June – Catchup with Chair Fairey.
  • 30th June- Met with Whau Local Board member Piper to discuss working together on advocacy for the Avondale-Southdown link.
  • 30th June – Planning Committee Workshop about Light Rail.
  • 30th June – SKYPE meeting with Local Board Advisors and Chair Fairey.
  • 30th June – Environment and Climate Change committee workshop on the “State of the Manukau Harbour” report.           
  • 30th June – Phone call with Sergeant Daniel Wright around Waikōwhai and the wider area.     
May be an image of 1 person, standing and outdoors
Keith Hay Park South playground reopening


  • I am working with Friends of Wairaki stream in an admin role and will excuse myself from any decision making relating to this group. We held a planting day on the 26th June in Lynfield Reserve which was a success.
  • I am a volunteer run director at Owairaka parkrun and organised the 5th June event and volunteered at the 19th June event.

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