Puketāpapa: he taunga Pahikara – Puketāpapa: a cycling haven

Last week we heard the great news that our project “Puketāpapa: he taunga Pahikara – Puketāpapa: a cycling haven” received funding from the Environment & Climate Change Committee to go ahead.

This project will span over three years and see the creation of cycle/scoot/walk trains to intermediate schools (at first) that are accessible on our Greenways network , in red on the map, with schools indicated with a star. It will also tie in with Kainga Ora’s redevelopment of the area, working with them to help new families in the area access a safe way to school. There will be events, wayfinding signage, safe bike storage and bikes. The board is paying 10% of the cost over three years, with the rest covered from the regional fund – an awesome return on our investment. It also sees benefits in a big drop in emissions, less cars at the school gate, increased health outcomes, more people using our facilities and an increased sense of community.

Richard Barter from PATH, our strategic broker Kat Teirney and myself worked hard to get a really good application in with the support of the whole Local Board and I look forward to the project beginning in the next financial year.

A map showing the project

January & February Board Member Report

1st January – 28th February

Meetings / events attended
  • 24th January – Local Board member briefing on Resource Management Reform
  • 24th January – Meeting with staff to discuss issues along the Mangere inlet.
  • 25th January – Three Kings Development tour with the Local Board.
  • 25th January – Discussion about Manukau Harbour Forum work programme allocation.
  • 26th January – Three Kings Development meeting with artists.
  • 27th January – Puketāpapa Local Board workshop (via MS Teams).
  • 27th January – Integrated Area Plan with Albert-Eden Local Board (via MS Teams).
  • 28th January – Discussion of the MHF Comms Plan with staff and members of the leadership team.
  • 2nd February – Finance and Performance Committee workshop on the Annual Budget.
  • 3rd February – Puketāpapa Local Board workshop (via MS Teams.)
  • 9th February – Meetings with Strategic Broker, Community Facilities, Advisors,  and Chair Fairey.
  • 10th February – Puketāpapa Local Board workshop (via MS Teams).
  • 11th February – Manukau Harbour Forum Workshop and Business Meeting.
  • 14th February –  Agenda Run through (via MS Teams).
  • 15th February – Number 3 Theatre presentation.
  • 16th February – Meeting with Advisors, Communications and Chair Fairey.
  • 16th February – Puketāpapa Local Board business meeting (via MS Teams).
  • 16th February – Puketāpapa Local Board workshop (via MS Teams).
  • 22nd February – Catchup with Kainga Ora and Chair Fairey.
  • 23rd February – Puketāpapa Community Network (via MS Teams).
  • 24th February – Puketāpapa Local Board workshop.
  • 25th February – Te Auaunga Governance Hui.