July 2021 Member Report

General / assigned roles update

  • Transport portfolio:
    • The Light Rail engagement is proceeding and there was an initial discussion with a targeted group of residents on the 15th July. We have pushed for more events to take place within the Puketāpapa area and there will be multiple events taking place during August.
    • Last month I wrote that I was excited to see the wayfinding signage installed along the Southwestern Cycleway. This was achieved through Waka Kotahi’s “Fix it Fast Fund” which I raised with Auckland Transport in November. These signs allow for pedestrians, cyclists and mobility users to identify where this ‘spine’ of our Greenway network leads to. This program is being rolled out slowly along the network and I have attached a picture ot this report.
    • I logged a poorly repaired section of the newly opened Safer Communities project outside Mount Roskill Grammar School and was pleased to see this fixed in a relatively short space of time. There remain issues further along Frost Road and I have raised these again with Auckland Transport.
    • We received an initial proposal for some raised footpath works around Roskill South Shops which we will be discussing in the coming weeks before it goes out to public consultation.
    • As part of the Huia Watermain works, White Swan Road has been closed to traffic heading towards the city. This has required a detour for both the 68 and 25B bus routes. Member Shen passed on a resident’s concerns around the extremely long walk they now had, and Auckland Transport re-routed the 68 bus to reduce the walk and connect residents on Richardson Road with the bus service.
    • The final design for the Hillsborough Road/Commodore Drive roundabout has been circulated to the public and will be constructed in this financial year.
  • Manukau Harbour Forum:
    • The “Synthesis of State of the Environment Monitoring in the Manukau Harbour” report was published at the end of June. The report provides a reliable data set to refer to in our advocacy around improving the Harbour, based on data going back to 1965.

The report confirms that the Manukau has been degraded due to decades of human activity surrounding the Harbour. Massive deforestation over the course of human occupation, high levels of nitrates in the horticultural flatlands, high levels of sediment runoff in the Northern Harbour and along the Awhitu peninsula, high levels of zinc and copper runoff from roads in the catchment, high level of pest plants and animals, and degraded streams feeding into the Harbour all contribute to a degraded ecosystem.

The report shows that there have been improvements in water quality and air quality; however, these are primarily minor improvements, starting from a low level. Coastal water quality in the Harbour is the worst in Auckland, and I believe this should be reflected in the investment allocated by Governing Body. Thankfully, the Harbour has some great swimming spots which can be seen on https://www.safeswim.org.nz/ but there are also a high number of unswimmable beaches.

The report will be published yearly from here on, and we have asked that the next iteration include an analysis of fish stocks based on the data gathered by MPI.

The report outlines much of the work being done by the Council to improve the Harbour, and it has been heartening to see the support from Councillors to improve the Harbour. To ramp up addressing the issues around the Harbour will require investment from Central Government, with potential regulatory changes needed down the line. I would like to see a stocktake of the volunteer work being done around the Harbour, although it would probably double the size of the report!

There is a need for a restoration plan for the Harbour’s ecosystem, one developed in partnership with mana whenua and looking at all of the avenues we can take to rehabilitate the ecosystem, including looking at how we manage contaminants entering the catchment on land.

  • We had an update from Sophia Olo-Whaanoa and Kowhai Olsen from Makaurau Marae on the excellent work they have done around the Oruarangi Creek and the Harbour itself.
    • We finalised the budget for the next financial year, with confirmation of funding for our co-ordinator, a comms plan, mana whenua hui and the youth sustainability wananga that has been very successful.

Meetings / events attended

  • 1st July – Puketāpapa Local Board workshop.
  • 1st July  – Community Forum at Lynfield Community Centre hosted by the Puketāpapa Youth Foundation
  • 2nd July – Manukau Harbour Forum Workshop and Business Meeting
  • 3rd July – Puketāpapa Youth Foundation intergenerational planting day at Lynfield Reserve.
  • 3rd July – Puketāpapa Business Voice Launch
  • 6th July – Spoke to Technology Students at Mount Roskill Grammar School about their designs for water monitoring in Te Auaunga/Oakley Creek.
  • 7th July – Meeting with staff from Community Facilities and Chair Fairey
  • 7th July – Meeting with Local Board advisors and Chair Fairey
  • 8th July – Puketāpapa Local Board workshop.
  • 8th July – Puketāpapa Community Network.
  • 12th July – Puketāpapa Local Board Agenda run-through (via SKYPE.)
  • 13th July – meeting with new strategic broker and Chair Fairey.
  • 14th July – Meeting with Chair Fairey and Local Board Staff.
  • 14th July  –  Meeting with Local Area Manager, Chair Fairey and Local Board Advisors.
  • 15th July – Puketāpapa Local Board business meeting.
  • 15th July – Puketāpapa Local Board workshop.
  • 15th July – Light rail listening session at Wesley Community Centre.
  • 24th July – Tupuna Maunga Authority planting on Puketāpapa. Over 2000 plants planted on the side of the maunga.
  • 28th July – Meeting with Chair Fairey and Local Board Staff.
  • 28th July  –  Meeting with Local Area Manager, Chair Fairey and Local Board Advisors.
  • 29th July- Puketāpapa Local Board workshop.
  • 29th July – Integrated Area Plan working group with mana whenua representatives.
  • 30th July – Auckland Transport Innovating Streets discussion with members of the Central cluster of Local Boards.


  • I am working with Friends of Wairaki stream in an admin role and will excuse myself from any decision making relating to this group.
  • I am a volunteer run director at Owairaka parkrun and organised the 17th July event and volunteered at the 3rd, 10th and 24th July events.


That this report be received.

Note: if other recommendations are proposed they may be subject to a Notice of Motion (refer to Standing Orders or Appendix 1 pg. 5-6 in the guidance document).

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