March Board Member Report

1st March – 31st March

Roles assigned by the local board

  • Deputy Chair
  • Chair of the Manukau Harbour Forum.
  • Transport Lead

Meetings / events attended

  • 2nd March – Meeting with the Ministries Association and Chair Fairey to discuss the Christmas Event
  • 2nd March – Meeting with staff – Community Facilities, Local Area Manager and Local Board Advisors – with Chair Fairey.
  • 3rd March – Puketāpapa Local Board workshop (via MS Teams).
  • 3rd March – Annual Budget Have Your Say event at the Puketāpapa Online Community Forum.
  • 4th March – Local Board Members’ briefing – NPS Urban Development.
  • 4th March – Manukau Harbour Forum Zoom meeting.
  • 4th March – Met with MP for Mt Roskill Michael Wood.
  • 7th March – Catch up with Strategic Broker and Chair Fairey.
  • 9th March – Kāinga Ora Roskill South Development Community Stakeholder Hui.
  • 10th March – Puketāpapa Local Board workshop (via MS Teams).
  • 11th March – Regulatory Compliance Update with Local Boards.
  • 11th March – Agenda Run through (via MS Teams).
  • 16th March – Meeting with Staff – Local Area Manager, Advisors and Chair Fairey.
  • 17th March – Puketāpapa Local Board business meeting (via MS Teams).
  • 17th March –  Puketāpapa Local Board workshop (via MS Teams).
  • 21st March – Regional Streets for People meeting with Strategic Broker.
  • 23rd March – Comms meeting with Communications Advisor and Chair Fairey.
  • 24th  March – Puketāpapa Local Board workshop (via MS Teams.)
  • 24th March – Integrated Area Plan with Albert-Eden Local Board (via MS Teams).
  • 25th March – Kōwhatu Selection with Jeff Lee from Te Ākitai Waiohua and Kāinga Ora staff.
  • 25th March – Kāinga Ora Pasifika Engagement online hosted by Global Hope Missions.
  • 26th March – Attended Auckland United’s first game of the season at Keith Hay Park.
  • 30th March – Puketāpapa Community Network meeting.
  • 30th March – Meeting for Vibrant Streets with AT, Community groups and Strategic Broker.
  • 31st March – met with a Lynfield Constituent to discuss Commodore Drive works.
  • 31st March – Puketāpapa Local Board workshop (via MS Teams.)


  • I am volunteering with Friends of Wairaki stream.
  • I am a volunteer run director at Owairaka parkrun.


That this report be received. Note: if other recommendations are proposed they may be subject to a Notice of Motion (refer to Standing Orders or Appendix 1 pg. 5-6 in the guidance docum

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