August 2021 Monthly Report

Jonathan Turner Board Member Report

1st  August – 30th August

General / assigned roles update

  • Transport portfolio:
    • The Light Rail engagement finished at the end of August, and I compiled the board’s feedback with the help of Samantha Tan Rodrigo and the input of the other board members. We now wait to hear the results of the initial engagement.
    • Auckland Transport were very quick to adapt to the announcement of moving to level 4, changing to a Sunday bus timetable, moving to back door boarding, and separated seating. Our relationship advisor was able to add additional crossings to the automated pedestrian crossing setting, including the crossing at the base of Puketāpapa maunga.
    • We received construction updates on two roundabout projects but will wait and see the effects of the latest lockdown on construction timelines.
    • We received an update on some pedestrian crossings in the area that may be raised as part of Auckland Transport’s focus on Vision Zero. More information will be coming in the near future on this.

Meetings / events attended

  • 2nd August – AT Business Improvement Review discussion via SKYPE.
  • 3rd August – Catch up with Chair Fairey and Kainga Ora representatives.
  • 4th August – Meeting with Local Board advisors and Chair Fairey.
  • 5th August- Puketāpapa Local Board workshop.
  • 6th August – Puketāpapa Community Forum at the Wesley Community Centre
  • 9th August – Local Board Chair’s Forum via SKYPE.
  • 9th August- Catch up with Community Facilities and Chair Fairey.
  • 11th August – Meeting with new Manukau Harbour Forum Coordinator and Member Cole from Franklin Local Board
  • 11th August – Meeting with Local Board advisors and Chair Fairey.
  • 11th August – Catch up with Strategic Broker and Chair Fairey.
  • 12th August – Puketāpapa Local Board workshop.
  • 12th August – Puketāpapa Community Network meeting.
  • 16th August – Puketāpapa Local Board agenda run through via SKYPE.
  • 18th August – Planning Committee Workshop on City Centre to Mangere Rapid Transport consultation.
  • 18th August – Catch up with advisors and Chair Fairey.
  • 19th August – Puketāpapa Local Board Business Meeting via SKYPE.
  • 19th August – Puketāpapa Local Board workshop via SKYPE.
  • 20th August – Light rail briefing for the Central Isthmus Local Boards via SKYPE.
  • 20th August – Three Waters Reforms discussion via SKYPE.
  • 25th August – Advisors meeting with Chair Fairey via SKYPE.
  • 26th August – Puketāpapa Local Board workshop via SKYPE.
  • 26th August – Integrated Area Plan meeting via SKYPE.
  • 30th August – Attended Watercare Board meeting via SKYPE.
  • 30th August – Manukau Harbour Forum executive team meeting via SKYPE.


  • I am working with Friends of Wairaki stream in an admin role and will excuse myself from any decision making relating to this group.
  • I am a volunteer run director at Owairaka parkrun.

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