Wesley Bay

Wesley Bay – half an hour before high tide.

Wesley Bay is a nice, long, calm beach that retains its ‘swim time’ longer than most of the others along the coast. Named after the former Wesleyan mission which was ‘granted’ the land around these ways for establishing a school, there is history all along the cliffs above it.

Frequented by dogwalkers, fishers and flounderers, nevertheless you will often have this beach to yourself – even on a hot summer’s day at high tide. You can access it from a walk from Waikōwhai Park that takes about ten minutes – so long as you take the right path!

Taking the path at the beginning of the carpark, walk past the slide and down through the bush till the path opens up.

Strangely, the sign directs you to Wesley Bay via a long bush walk (an estimated 50 minutes), but if you instead take the right hand fork down the un-signposted path, you will be down at Wesley Bay in minutes.

At low tide you can walk right around to the lovely bush walk through to Aldersgate Road, or all the way around to Taylor’s Bay.

A perfectly “nice” beach, barring the lack of soft sand to sit on.

Wesley Bay Ranking:


Wesley bay has a nice view out to Puketutu Island and is surrounded by impressive native bush. The sandstone cliffs provide an impressive backdrop and make it hard to remember you are less than 20 minutes drive to the CBD.



Usually quite a nice beach, unless there has been a party the night before. The water is usually good – make sure you check http://www.safeswim.org.nz before heading out.



A 15 minute walk from Waikowhai Park – just make sure you take the right path down. Even if you don’t – the sign says 50 minutes but it would be closer to half an hour.



Not a lot to “do” here – other than sit and swim, but that’s what you are here for. On the way down there is a playground and up by the carpark you can use the BBQ. Don’t forget to check the tide – you can only really swim here an hour before and after high tide.


The ‘feel’

The privacy plus swimmability makes this one of my favourites along the coast. On an overcast day it can feel …. a little gloomy.


Total score:


A perfectly fine score for a perfectly fine beach.

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