The 9 oases

UPDATE: We are currently installing our first five water fountains! May be an image of outdoors, tree and text that says "THREEKINGS RESERVE WAIKOWHAI PARK WAIRAKI KISTREAM RESERVE MARGARET GRIFFIN RESERVE MONTE CECILIA RESERVE"


It was over four years ago that I started running. A brutally honest doctor weighed me, took some measurements, shook her head and told me “You’re at the age when it gets really hard to lose weight – and you have too much. You need to exercise.”

Like I said, brutally honest.

I tried the gym, but there’s something about being stuck in a room full of people on a machine that completely turns me off. So I thought I’d try running. This was a pretty out there choice at the time, I had a fair few bad habits and was more likely to see 6 am as the ‘end’ of the night then the beginning of the day.

Yet, something stuck. It’s a cliche to talk about ‘the runner’s high,’ and to be honest I’ve probably only felt anything approaching that a couple of times. But there definitely is something to the ability to get up and run for hours, exploring new routes, seeing the seasons change in a way you don’t when just travelling from place to place. You get to know your neighborhood very well.

Now, four years later, I know my area well. And one thing I know – is that we have a distinct lack of water fountains. We have a very oppressive heat here in summer and failure to hydrate properly sucks all the joy out of running. So, you plan your run around water fountains.

So I made a map.

fountain map

You can access the map here:

As you can see, there’s a lot of distance between taps here. All that green stuff in the bottom left corner? That’s the beautiful Waikōwhai coast, with 8km of trails, and not a drop to drink. Sure, there are a lot of public toilets around, and one can drink from the taps (trust me, I definitely have) but for many people the idea won’t wash. So – people buy drinks from shops.

I want to focus on getting more into our rohe (area). A fountain at the shops, returning one to Waikōwhai park, installing another along the SW cyclepath, and getting some into Monte Cecilia.

Check back in three years. Hopefully Wai has become a far ‘easier’ choice for the people of Puketāpapa.


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